The “Instagram Clone for Internal Media” is a software application developed using Python and Django, a popular web framework. Its purpose is to create a replica of the well-known social media platform Instagram, but with a specific focus on catering to internal media needs within an organization. This application is designed to enhance communication, collaboration, and engagement among employees by providing a dedicated space for sharing various types of media content. One of the primary functions of the Instagram Clone for Internal Media is to enable employees to share different forms of media content. This can include images, videos, and other visual or multimedia assets. By allowing employees to share content, the platform aims to foster creativity and collaboration within the organization. Team members can showcase their work, ideas, and experiences through visuals, leading to a more interactive and connected work environment. The application supports live streaming capabilities, allowing real-time communication and interaction among employees. This feature enables individuals or teams to broadcast live events, presentations, discussions, or workshops to a wider internal audience. Live streaming promotes immediate engagement and participation, as viewers can interact with the content creators through comments, questions, and discussions in real time. To ensure that valuable internal media content gets the attention it deserves, the platform incorporates features for promoting and increasing the visibility of such content within the organization. This might involve algorithms that highlight popular or relevant content, enabling employees to discover and engage with media that aligns with their interests or projects. The promotion feature enhances the circulation of information, encourages knowledge-sharing, and recognizes the efforts of contributors. Overall, the Instagram Clone for Internal Media provides a secure and controlled environment for employees to share, interact with, and promote media content within their organization.